Batteries For E-Cigarette Holders Just As Good As Hybrid Batteries?


batteries for vape penshybrid batteries

In all honesty, about the most that most readers may know about hybrids at the moment is that they are an alternative to the gas guzzling cars and trucks they’ve been using all these years. And again, you could even guestimate an e-cigarette to be a hybrid of the traditional cigarette you’ve been smoking all these years.

That’s quite easy to explain. Conventional and tobacco cigarettes come at a price from as ‘little’ as a pack a day. Calculate that against all the days of the year and you have a rough estimate of how deep your pockets have been all these years. Or have you already burnt a hole in them? But with the proverbial hybrid alternatives, it’s no dice. There is simply no comparison. Price them in. Occasional battery refills and your vape pens would probably last a lifetime. And that’s after making just the one purchase.

Furthermore, in comparison to day to day purchases of toxic tobacco, e-juice consumption is minimal.

So, the question then. Will the batteries for vape pens be just as good as those hybrid car batteries you only hear about at the moment? This short note doesn’t have all the answers, but it does want to take a look at all the other positives of using these pens. And yes, a hybrid battery does last a lot longer than a standard battery.

Much, much longer, in fact. And that’s also what’s really nice about these pens. Just like an ink pen, you can slip it into your jacket pocket, just so. No mess, no fuss. No nicotine or tobacco stains. And if you’re still saddled with the stigma of smoking in general, no-one needs to know. The pen clipped in, they could just as well think that you’ve got an ordinary ink pen on your person.  So, it’s fair to say that the initial purchase of a vape pen will be pricy but it’s always going to be cheaper for the long term.

And the thing about hybrid batteries is this. E-cigarette holders and vaping pens will still have the capacity for conventional batteries. They last. But sticklers for detail, gizmos and gadgets and getting their money’s worth will know that their hybrid battery will last even longer! And if they really must, they could get a warranty for it. In all seriousness, a hybrid battery warranty does make good financial sense if the battery is being utilized for an automobile with a part-electric engine.

Hybrid batteries for electronic cigarette holders, vapes and vape pens will, of course be so much smaller, so small in fact that you could hold it gently between your thumb and finger. Batteries or hybrid batteries, there’s just enough space to round off on one more positive of e-cigarette smoking. Apart from doing your health a world of good, you’ll also be practicing a rather sustainable habit. Like the hybrid car, emissions are going to be minimal. And then there’s the battery.